How To Get the Best Relocation Quotes

Relocating to a new destination is always stressful, and you need to plan your relocation well in advance. The best way is to get in touch with experienced relocation service providers. These companies are well experienced in arranging home relocations, and would usually cost you between 0.25 percent and 0.5 percent of the price of the house. Considering that this covers the cost of hiring trained removal men, relocation advice, often free packing materials to safe guard all your personal belongings, the price is not too high.

The Types Of Quotes
The price most relocation companies quote depends on the weight of the items to be moved and the distance they have to be relocated. It also includes the packaging, if required, and other services you may need.

You should always arrange to have quotes from three different relocation service providers, for comparison. The usual quotes are the binding and the non-binding types.

  • Binding Quotes - You are required to pay the estimated cost, even if the weight of the total shipment is more or less than the estimate. These cover the belongings and the services that are listed in the initial estimates.

  • Non-Binding Quotes - These quotes are an approximation, and depend on the survey carried out on the items to be moved. The final amount to be paid will depend on the final weight of the items to be shipped. There is every chance that the final cost will be higher than the estimated price.

    In case of the non-binding quotes, you are not required to pay more than 110 percent of the estimated amount. You, of course, will need to pay for the extra services not covered in the estimate.

    If you intend to have your car relocated too, arrange to use the services of an experienced auto transport service to do so. These are great to help move your car to the new destination safely, and at very affordable costs.