How To Choose A Relocation Service

There comes a time when you may need to relocate to a new city - either on a new job, or for resettling post retirement, or simply upgrading due to the expanding family. Relocating is never easy, and brings confusion into your well organized life. This is when a good and efficient relocation service comes in quite handy. It takes the stress out of relocation, provided you can choose an appropriate one.

Tips On Relocation

  • You first need to decide what you need - a relocation service? A moving company? Household goods shipper? Or a plain and simple trucking service?
  • Check with friends who have recently relocated.
  • Contact prospective relocation services for references. Check with their past customers to see how satisfied they were.
  • Contact at least three relocation services, and ask for written estimates.
  • Find out what type of services they provide.
  • Decide whether you wish to pack your self, or use the services of a mover to pack.
  • Ensure that the mover is licensed, regulated, and insured. This can be done through the state agencies that regulate transportation services.
  • Be aware of the different levels of liabilities the movers provide. Find out what kind of protection each provides.
  • When seeking estimates, learn what are a binding and a non-binding estimate, and the difference between the two. In the binding estimate, you will know what your relocation will cost, in advance - but you cannot add anything extra you may have left out in the beginning. In a non-binding estimate, there is no limit to what you can take.
  • Talk to the representatives of each of the prospective relocation service companies. Check to see which one understands your needs better.

    You may similarly require to identify an auto transport relocation service that can help transport your car to your relocation destination. Compare the terms offered by different service providers, and select the one that is most responsive to your needs.