Choosing The Correct Home Relocation Service Provider

Home relocation service providers and moving companies provide a variety of services. When looking to choose a correct moving company, it is advisable to arrange estimates from two to three different service providers, and compare their services and prices. You will need to research the moving companies, and the best places to start are the Better Business Bureau (BBB), or the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), or both.

From the BBB you can find out if any complaints have been registered against the moving company. It is always advisable to select a moving company that is a member of AMSA. As members of AMSA, such moving companies must forward all information on moving, including written estimates of the charges involved, must provide timely services, and must respond immediately to any complaints and claims of the customers.

Things You Should Do
After having checked with the BBB, further check with friends and colleagues about the moving companies they may have used. If you are relocating along with your car, find out about car relocating services they may have used. It is always better to use a car relocating service instead of driving it yourself across the vast distance.

You need to understand the following things before choosing the correct home relocation service provider:

  • The type of services these companies provide, and the rates and total charges involved.
  • What are the liabilities involved.
  • Find out how the pick up and the deliveries will be performed.
  • What kind of claims protection do they provide.
  • Arrange for several estimates, and find out the type of estimates they are providing - whether they are binding, or non-binding estimates.
  • Do not straight away go for the lowest estimate. Find out why that particular estimate is low. A very low estimate could lead to deficiency of service.
  • Determine whether or not the relocation provider can also move your car.

    Pick up the home relocation service provider that has the experience and the correct equipment to do the job.