Relocating Your Car In The US

People moving to their new destinations from their old places of dwelling often take their cars along with them. The job of relocating cars to a new place from a previous one can be quite arduous but the problem can be tackled easily with the help of numerous vehicle relocation companies that are operating in the United States. There are a number of options available to individuals to choose from, while relocating their vehicles to a new destination.

Fly and Drive
The Fly-And-Drive option is convenient for those who get pleasure from road trips. United States possesses an unsurpassed inter-state highway system in the world. This option is not suitable for cars more than 10 years old. Also take appropriate measures to examine your car extensively before starting your journey.

Free Ride Arrangement
"I drive your car for free!" You can explore the road share section in the newspaper, and might practically come across someone who can drive your vehicle to your preferred destination. It is often referred as 'free-ride' arrangement. The driver shifts the car for you to the new location, and in return, you give him the privilege of free utilization of the car, and maybe some gasoline. This is a method not too frequently relied upon since the majority of people are averse to the idea of giving the key of their cars to a complete stranger.

Open Shipping
You can also opt for shipping a car inside the continental US. The majority of the passenger cars are carried by an "open" carrier, mostly the huge highway trucks capable of transporting about 10 cars at a time. Often 'enclosed' trailers, which transport lesser number of cars, are used in this process, and makes available greater safety for the vehicles from flying objects.

One should be ready to pay $750-$1,200 as charges for transporting cars from coast to coast in the US and an enclosed trailer would cost you a further $500.