Motorcycle Shipping

Why choosing an auto shipping service makes more sense than shipping the vehicle yourself. This article discusses a few good reasons to "go pro."

Shipping a Car Yourself? Think Again.

Many people decide to save themselves money and ship their own cars. That usually means renting a trailer to load the vehicle onto and driving the rig with the car loaded atop it. Is it worth the risks?

Shipping a Car is a Professional's Job

There's a reason car shipping companies exist. Towing a trailer with a few extra thousand pounds isn't as easy as it may look at the rental depot! First, there is the additional weight pulling on your tail. If you've never "fish-tailed," trust me: you don't want to know what that's like. It's easy as pie to lose control of your car while towing.

Another hazard of towing a trailer is a blow-out. Granted, the rental company should be looking out to prevent such a catastrophe, but the truth of the matter is that blow-outs happen. Tires wear out, potholes or road debris are often times unavoidable, and truth be told, it's simply a risk that you can avoid by hiring a professional.

Finally, there's the risk you take of injury or property damage. Loading a vehicle can be a great chance for you to go off the trailer's edge, and is a hazard you don't need to worry about. The risk of bodily harm is also a real threat, as binders and tow chains come with many pinch-points. If you don't tie down the vehicle tightly enough, you can hit a bump in the road and really wish you'd paid a pro.

Relax, They're Pro's!

The car shipping professionals have handled tons of freight, literally. They're good at what they do, or they wouldn't be in the business. Given the choice to relax and let the pro's handle the job, or take unnecessary risks, what would you choose?