Shipping A Car By Train

Whether you bought your car on eBay Motors or elsewhere you need to get it to you. The only real choices when shipping a car in the US are truck or car transport by train.

Most freight trains do not allow for private, one time transportation. The best train option is using the Amtrak Auto Train. However, there are two big limitations to this service:

  • First, it only travels between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, DC) and Sanford, Florida (near Orlando, Florida).
  • Second, you must travel with your vehicle.

Most people don't want to travel with their vehicle or need another delivery route. In that case, the logical choice is truck shipping.Prices for auto transportation can vary wildly. The best way to get a competitive price is to get quotes from auto transport brokers who know they are bidding against each other.

If you want an exciting florida trip with your family you can get all the Auto Train details at Amtrak's Auto Train Boarding and Vehicle Requirements.

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