Buying Used Cars On eBay Motors- A safe Option

Adequate protection is provided to buyers who purchase used cars on eBay motors. While making a payment for used cars on eBay motors buyers enjoy the benefits of PayPal Buyer Protection. This entitles the buyers to coverage up to $1,000 at no extra charge.

eBay Motors: PayPal Buyer Protection PayPal Buyer Protection comes to your aid in case you do not get hold of your item or the item is different from the seller's catalog. PayPal Buyer Protection covers an item if it fulfills the necessities listed below.

  • "Free PayPal Buyer Protection" message is exhibited in the information pertaining to seller catalog.
  • You enjoy the benefits of PayPal buyer protection benefits when you buy your item on eBay.
  • You are required to employ PayPal to pay for the item, and utilize the seller's email address related to the listing. You must press the grey Pay Now button as soon as the eBay listing concludes.
  • It should be borne in mind that the seller's eBay listing is applicable for a physical item without the inclusion of services and intangible items.
  • Finally, a person can make only a single claim for every PayPal payment and claims should be filed within 45 days of the PayPal payment.

    For the items that do not come under the purview of PayPal Buyer Protection, eBay makes available a regular purchase protection plan which furnishes the buyer with coverage up to $200.

    When you fail to receive a car or get one, considerably dissimilar from the one depicted in the catalog both, eBay and PayPal purchase security program makes available coverage in this regard.

    In case you make register your grievance with PayPal even if you did not use them to make the payment, PayPal will furnish you with the protection contained in the eBay Standard Purchase Protection Program.

    While employing the PayPal Buyer Credit to pay for a used car on eBay, your dealings are entitled for complete buyer coverage at no extra charges.

    Use the safer option, opt for PayPal while making your purchase on ebay Motors.

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